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Creating the Glanhafren Identity

A link between the market’s past and present, a colourful vision for the future.

Celebrating food, people and community.

Since the doors opened at Newtown Market Hall, in December 1870, it instantly became a hive of activity. Not only a food market but a place of tradition and public gatherings, a meeting place where events, entertainment, afternoon teas, dances and public speaking all came together to create an important centre for community, a place where local life and it’s people flourished.

The Glanhafren ‘icon’ represents a link between the market’s past and present. Elements from the decorative Victorian ironwork, supporting the roof structure, have been transposed and simplified to their base geometry, creating fresh clean lines and a more contemporary feel, all bound together within a circle of ‘life’.

The shapes within this framework are energised with bright stained glass inserts, representing the natural elements and environment that make growing food and nurturing livestock possible. Take a look, you’ll see the sun in a clear blue sky radiating warmth over the rolling hills beneath, the earth producing crops and trees, and of course the life giving waters of the river Severn running through it.

The Glanhafren colour palette is also sympathetic to a natural, organic environment: slate grey, forest green, sky blue and golden yellow. There is also a link here to the history of the market hall, as after stripping back many layers of paintwork on the wooden roof beams, both the blue and yellow hues were discovered.

Something Old, Something New: a marriage of days gone by and days to come, a grand celebration of people and community, a colourful vision for our future that is Glanhafren.